Manifesto of Charity

Dave Southwood FRGS - Biography

More and more we want to save wildlife and wildlife areas without considering the people on the fringes of these areas, Our Custodians, people who could be even more effective at combating wildlife crime going forward, if we gave some thought in creating opportunities on the fringes of wildlife areas around the world, from the Wild reaches of Uganda, to South America and Indonesia.

The opportunity for a quick buck is a sad reminder how West Africa has dismally failed.

I feel very strongly that if we created strong opportunities for communities across the world through education and involvement, this would help enormously to the overall struggle to maintain our wildlife areas and our key Indicator species.

  1. Strong environmentally efficient schools that support and nurture children from an early age;
  2. Staffing and recruiting processes and training from villages and creating mentoring and a means to an end;
  3. Self policing policies of wildlife areas, handing the legacy over to communities to manage and run and build;
  4. Working with governmental policy makers to help build futures for these fringe communities through investment in education and entrepreneurialship;
  5. Finally to create ecological flow in a sea of humanity, partly because 90% of our planet only pays lip service.

The wild areas will eventually die off if we cannot find means for communities to benefit from the bounty without killing the wildlife for bushmeat, ivory or animal products.
All the great charities are fantastic for now, but they just fanning the flames which will become too much as our world populations demands are getting more and more, and in order to stop this it starts with strong education and a means to a financial end.