Dave Southwood FRGS

Essentially I am a restless spirit, with a penchant for digging deep into the very fabric of Nature and the history of our varied Planet, I have grown up Wild on a farm in Botswana and used to being for long periods in wild parts of the world.

Growing up as a small boy in Southern Africa, I always had a desire to record and collect natural history and the very evident human history of the Sub Saharan Subcontinent.

I became a guide after fruitless pursuits in other sectors, eventually finding my focus in wilderness, and the wildlife and natural world.

My pursuits have taken me to live in 4 continents, Patagonia, Europe, Africa and Now Australia. I believe that we need to be constantly changing, improving our understanding of nature, and I feel that my photography is really an extension of my voice and a way to passionately record and highlight the plight of wildlife across our incredible planet.

Each image I create, is created with passion, each moment is indelibly inked on my soul.

Every image that is sold, a large portion of the money goes back to community and building strong mentoring experiences with local indigenous people across our world.

Thanks for visiting me here.

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